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Commodore 65 motherboardCommodore 65: Let's do it work with incompatible chipset

This article written by Giorgio Guagnini, that many thanks publicly to the technical ability and the undoubted tenacity in getting results at first sight impossible, tells the story of a veritable resurrection of a Commodore 65 motherboard, processor and video chipsets in the correct versions. An impossible task that only the ability of Giorgio was able to bring to fruition. The issue hoping it will be useful to those (I think very few in the world) are attempting the same feat.

Thanks again Giorgio!

Sebastiano (the webmaster)

Article by Giorgio Guagnini

The starting point were the results of tests made by Riccardo Rubini (a big embrace and thank you for the tests). This result is also your and thanks to you. Two links relating to the work of Riccardo.

A Rev 2 a or b board turn on with a CSG 4510 cpu R3 or R4 and a video chip 4567r.

commodore 65 chipset

A Rev 5 board turn on with a CSG 4510 R5 cpu and a video chip 4567p.

commodore 65 chipset revision