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Dear Friends,

from the past, there's another "artifact"; this is the 6499 telematic adapter for C64... a window on the world.

The 6499 telematic adapter, which was supplied with a standard three-pole socket, contained the circuits that allowed modular and demodular circuits (hence the modem name) to signal various speeds (75/1200 baud, 300 baud full duplex, 1200 baud half duplex). Inside there was an EPROM containing programs for the management of the C64 interfaced to the CEPT level 1 network protocol (the standard used for the VIdeotel service of SIP). The sale price of the Commodore 6499 was at the time of the market launch of 150,000 of the old Italian lira.....


Some photos:





interno 6499 1


interno 6499 3

interno 6499 2

garanzia 6499