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c65 asta

What you see is a screenshot made on my mobile phone one second after the auction ends. This Commodore 65 is the most expensive in history. A price at the end of an auction that is absolutely unthinkable at the beginning of the auction


We celebrate the 50th anniversary of BASIC by downloading a collection of nice programs in Basic. We thank publicly the author "Nico  for having allowed us to make this beautiful jewel available.  (Download)

old computerDear friends, do you have old Commodore machines in your cellars?
We can get rid of them and recover them to keep alive the memory of these old glories

Contact us as soon as possible!!

carlo pastore

Welcome in retrocommodore the old computer house

In presenting a word I would use .... nostalgic .... The computer (or better ... the Retrocomputers), which on this site have made the history of computing .... Have accompanied many of our days of teenagers and adults fascinated with the ability to dream and make us interact with the television screen ...
Let's face it, television has always had a magical charm on each of us and the mere idea of being able to "tune" with our creations or use for a few hours of interactive entertainment has always been exciting ...
These great little Vintage ... real gems of technology that was embodied our expectations. At first few kilobytes ..... few handfuls of bits ... to create and implement ideas often simplifying the activities of daily life ...
Who has not typed a few lines of Basic with your Commodore Vic-20 or the Commodore 64? Disarming the logic behind those lines has increased the logic of each of us. Even the mathematical formulas were less boring. Not to mention the sound .... stereo audio chips in times in which were still used vinyl discs
Few programs allow kilobytes clean, efficient and fast that the ability of the program was the salt flavor and ingenuity allowed on all those "Vintage" to create applications and visual effects and sound unthinkable. My idea is intended, in addition to affecting the new generations to the time they were in the rediscovery of Vintage and provide useful information for the many fans still there, even to protect from destruction those machines most often abandoned in our basements and attics.
These machines would otherwise destined for destruction. Therefore urge anyone who wished to contact me if in possession of some of retrocomputers. I hope not to have you bored with my talk and I hope you can relive adolescence page through this site ... hello Carlo - Retrocommodore I'm back to you after a long period of inactivity as the first news I have made available even without registration, the article concerning the possibility to implement the 8 Basic on a Commodore 128. Stay tuned ... you see some beautiful